With their double-welded rung-to-rail connections in the tread area, our BAVARIA telescopic ladders provide optimum support – it is not without reason that our aluminium ladders are described as ladders for life! The stand height corresponds to the reach height minus 0.5 m. All telescopic ladders are tested in accordance with DIN EN 131-2 GS. Our BAVARIA telescopic ladders are available with a steel pin or a locking joint.

Telescopic ladder 985 with locking joint:
The locking joint of telescopic ladder 985 locks in the A position and in the single ladder position, making it particularly user-friendly.

Telescopic ladder 985S with pin joint:
The exchangeable steel pin joint is particularly stable and robust. In the A position, telescopic ladder 985S with pin joint is flexible and does not lock in place. The ladder is equipped with a locking mechanism for use as a single ladder.

Telescopic ladder 985/4x5S

Pin joint

Locking joint


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