Major parts of the "Ladder standard" EN 131 have been revised under the authority of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization). The changes mainly affect the functional dimensions of almost all ladder types, such as single, extension, rope-operated, multi-purpose and telescopic ladders.

In future, all ladders longer than three metres will have to be equipped with a base stabiliser. This improves lateral stability and therefore your safety! Multi-part ladders such as extension ladders or multi-purpose ladders must in future be secured against removal if the uppermost part of the ladder is longer than 3 metres.
Part 2, which has just been published, contains the test specifications for ladder. MAUDERER has pre-emptively tested its ladders according to the new regulations, so that all ladders will fully comply with the new standard by the changeover date.

Until the "old" standard is withdrawn on 1 January 2018, the previous national version of the standard remains valid. This means that existing products can continue to be produced and marketed. To establish a clear distinction at changeover, our article numbers will change.
Important note:
Products built in accordance with the "old" standard will continue to be protected after 1 January 2018. It is not necessary either to retrofit them with, for example, a base stabiliser. Here’s another important note for the specialist trade: The ladders in their previous design may still be placed on the market after 1 January 2018, provided that the production date is prior to 1 January 2018.
MAUDERER will change its ladder portfolio in good time, and we will be informing you about the details of the changeover shortly.


  • 20.02.2018 – 23.02.2018
    DACH+HOLZ International
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