New NEO 40N module for the Bavaria flat roof edge protection kit

With its lightning-fast installation, low weight and best-in-class stability, our new BAVARIA NEO roof edge protection kit for flat roofs scores very highly, and now it can be expanded with a tiltable variant.

Mauderer has developed a new flat roof protection system especially designed for long roofs and major projects in order to meet the growing demand for collective edge protection systems according to DIN EN 13374:2013. It was developed and tested in-house with the help of experienced tradespeople, planners and architects. The high and freely adjustable span width of up to 2.6 m between the railing posts considerably reduces the amount of time required for assembly. The entire system can be assembled using a cordless screwdriver. The height can be adjusted to compensate for light unevenness in the ground. The NEO system includes four different variants and is manufactured to our customary BAVARIA quality standards in our factory in Lindenberg/Allgäu. The model is Dekra-certified.
•    The NEO 30 as a basic version for parapet walls from 15 cm in height
•    The NEO 30F as a variant with a skirting board for parapet walls from 5 cm in height. A missing parapet can be compensated for by adding additional weights.
•    The NEO 40 N as a variant with adjustable railing (90° and 67.5°)

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