A ladder that’s top-rung!

The ripest fruit often seems to hang on the highest branches, yet this is no problem for the BAVARIA aluminium ladder.

Specifically for the tallest and highest places to reach, MAUDERER Alutechnik has developed a ladder with telescopic supports, meeting the new DIN EN 131-1 and -2 norms concerning ladders. Even on uneven surfaces, it provides high stability. Triangular rungs with strong fluting guarantee optimal slip resistance, even in wet conditions. The inner width between the bars spans 300 mm. For lengths of 2.94 m upwards, the ladder can be supplemented with supports, allowing it to stand freely. On soft ground and for lengths of 5.19 m upwards, additional safety feet supports are necessary. MAUDERER Alutechnik is offering it pivoted and for three different widths. The high-quality workmanship and robust design make it a ladder for life.

You can request further information about our BAVARIA ladder technology here